Avoyé Design

213A 2459 Cousins Ave

Courtenay BC



Salsbury Road

Courtenay BC

Design:  Rod Avoyé Avoyé Design

Construction:  Standing Bear Construction

After their home was destroyed by fire, their builder brought us on to design a new space that would become their home.

Taking the opportunity to improve the space, we incorporated an open concept plan where there was once segregated spaces that divided the private rooms.

Although the foundation was demolished and a new one was put in place, the clients wished to use much of the same footprint as the the old house.

The garage gable was extended beyond the house eave to save it from being lost in the geometry of the main roof.

This required a post outboard of the corner of the house, which was intersected through the corner at the angle of the garage for an interesting aesthetic.

The owners were able to move in before Christmas of 2019, soon enough to shelter down.

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