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Our Services

Our Scope of Projects

At Avoyé Design we offer a bespoke service for the design of new homes or existing home alterations.

We also take on many other projects, such as multi-family buildings or developments, commercial tenant’s improvements, and some light commercial projects.

Alternateively, we can provide stand alone services such as feasibility studies and reports, and consultations with potential property buyers.

Our Approach

Our service is personalized. We take the time to understand your unique requirements, preferences, and aspirations. This ensures that your vision is translated into a design that reflects your individual needs, preferences and goals.

We pay attention to detail. Small details matter, and if overlooked they can inhibit creativity, efficiency, and higher functionality. We say that “Beyond Predictable Form lies Meaningful Space” for a reason. Often times the best solutions are less predictable and require much more effort to discover, and it is in the details that the discovery will happen.

We have a collaborative process. We believe that the best designs are born out of collaboration. Throughout the project, we maintain open lines of communication, actively involving you in the decision-making process, and ensuring your vision remains at the forefront.

Our Value

Our experience provides us with a deep understanding of construction processes and industry standards. Right from day one, we utilize our knowledge to provide a comprehensive set of parameters for the design that cover the entire scope of the project.

Our process begins with defining, analyzing and resolving the broad challenges of the design, solving the major problems before progressing towards the minutiae.

This ensures that every step along the way is built on a solid foundation laid before it, and reduces costly revisions late in the project, saving you time, money and emotional energy.

Our Deliverables

Our comprehensive design package includes schematic designs and revisions, renderings and models, detailed drawings, specifications, schedules.

These meticulously prepared documents serve as valuable references for contractors during the tender process, and to later pass the rigorous approval process for building permits.

By providing clear and accurate information, we eliminate ambiguity, reducing the risk of unexpected costs and delays that can occur due to misunderstandings or assumptions.

Our Consultations

We provide in person, remote, and on site consultations with you and your builder. We also attend meetings with municipal planners and building officials, and may also attend municipal council meetings where the project requires a variance approval or other steps that a council must approve.

And our involvement doesn’t end with the design phase. We are available to collaborate with contractors and other professionals during the tender and construction phase to ensure seamless implementation of the design. Our team provides ongoing support while making necessary adjustments as the project progresses.

This collaborative approach fosters effective communication and efficient decision-making, minimizing costly errors and delays.

Your Investment

If building a home is an investment into your future, designing a home is a critical component of that investment. At Avoyé Design, our goal is to ensure that your investment in the design of your home is made with a purpose and provides tangible returns.

As designing a home is a very complex and collaborative process, (you can read more about the challenges HERE), you will want a skilled designer to manage these complexities in the constantly evolving environment of the construction industry.

For most modest projects, an investment of 1% – 3.5% of the design’s construction value will cover our services. Projects of higher value, complexity, or scale carry a higher total investment, yet economies of scale may reduce the investment’s % of the design’s construction value.

Want to Know More?

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