Avoyé – Mauritian Creole

Etymology – From French envoyer.

Verb – to send


French     Pronounciations     Common


“Our vision is to create functional space that is a ‘living’ entity of its own. We take care to consider and respect the function, form, and purpose for which it is here and how it will impact people and the environment.

Furthermore, we strongly value intention and purpose as a guiding framework for design. We are most curious about what possibilities lie beyond predictable outcomes.

In addition to this, we strive to create a teamwork approach to our process. Notably, the best design will always emerge from a solid working relationship between the client, designer, and the contractor.

To this end, our goal is to produce designs that support and enhances our client’s lifestyle. We create meaningful space that helps enrich and transforms physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.”  ~ Rod Avoyé

Meet Rod Avoyé

I have always had a fascination with buildings.  As a child I was would often wonder :  How were they put together?  Who decided it should look like that?  Could it be better if they did it this way instead?

And it was more than just a curiosity, it was also a connection that felt magical!  A home to me wasn’t just four walls and a roof, it was a living space that communicated purpose and function while telling a story of time and culture!

After spending the early years of my adult life working jobs that didn’t satisfy that curiosity and wonder, I forged a path on my own and opened what is now Avoyé Design.

In 2007, I spent a year working in construction labor, learning as much as I could about how homes are built.  After I felt I had learned all I could, I was ready for the next step.

After looking at the education path towards a degree in architecture, I instead chose to become a Building Designer and begin my practice immediately.  With the guidance of my employer, I was able to complete a few projects, giving me the confidence to take the next step : sole proprietorship.

Since that day there have been immense changes in the building industry.  I continue to learn and develop my practice with enthusiasm and curiosity, always eager to make the next step.